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Diabetes and retinal screening

Retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that, when detected through retinal screening and treated, can prevent blindness in up to 90% of those affected.  Approximately one-third of Ontarians with diabetes do not receive retinal screening, something OTN is working to resolve with its Teleophthalmology program. 

Image of the retinaUsing store forward technology, a primary care provider uses a special camera to take a picture and send it to an ophthalmologist.  Accessing the image from a secure server, the ophthalmologist can provide an online assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment recommendation from the convenience of their office as their schedule permits. 

Benefits of Teleophthalmology:
  • improved access to, and rates of retinal assessment and follow-up for patients with diabetes;
  • improved efficiency of retinal assessment services, optimizing the effective use of vision health care resources; and
  • reduced travel burden on patients and families (i.e., reduce unnecessary referrals and visits to eye consultants).

To find out what happens during a patient Teleophthalmology appointment, please read our patient brochure.

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