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Professional Learning Series July 25, 2018

Managing postpartum anxiety and psychosis

What kind of treatment options are available for new mothers with anxiety? What about mothers with postpartum psychosis?

The following case studies submitted by Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, which involve anxiety disorders and postpartum psychosis in the perinatal period, are addressed through OTN’s Professional Learning Series.

Case 1: 23-year-old female with a four-month-old baby. Married, on maternity leave, with a college education. Diagnosis includes anxiety, postpartum intrusive worries that she will die, and what this means for the child.

Case 2: 28-year-old female with a four-year-old child and eight-month-old baby. Common law, on maternity leave. Diagnosis includes post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis.

Dr. Sharon Szmuilowicz, a leading expert from Mount Sinai Hospital’s Perinatal Mental Health Program, provides consultation on these two cases in her webcast Case Consultation in Perinatal Mental Health. She reviews each clinical case scenario thoroughly while discussing pharmacological and psychosocial treatments for case-specific perinatal mental illness.

Find out Dr. Szmuilowicz’s recommendations for addressing the above by watching the archived webcast or check out other Professional Learning Series webcasts on a variety of topics.

About the author: Kat Kostic is a writer for Connected, and a marketing and communications specialist at OTN.