Making a Test Video Call

For this test you launch a video call to an OTN ‘virtual’ user. The virtual user is a video broadcast with a sound track. The test allows you to see and hear what you can expect to receive from others in an actual videoconference.

  1. If you are not already logged in, launch the OTNconnect app and log in.
  2. To find a test system, search for a system name that begins with TOR_OTN_PCVC_TEST.
  3. Swipe-left on the system name to view the action buttons and then tap the test system’s Connect button (). A Call Settings screen appears.
  4. Tap the linked text in the call settings and set the following:
    Event Type = meeting
    Event Title = test
  5. To start the test call, tap the Call button (). A connecting screen appears as the connection is being made. When connected, a test video appears.
  6. To disconnect, tap the End Call button () in the video window toolbar.


  1. After successfully connecting, end the call after no more than a minute or so. This will free up the system for other users.
  2. If you try one system (e.g., TEST_01) and the videoconferencing window opens with only your self view followed by a message “Call ended by other participant”, it means the system is busy with another user. Try connecting with a different test system (e.g. TEST_02).
  3. If all test systems are busy, wait a few minutes and try again.