Transforming Health Care

Health care transformation is already underway

As Canadians we value our health care system: it defines us and is a point of pride. The interventions required to save universal health care are in full swing. Policy makers, providers and patients are actively exploring ways to increase access, improve quality and control the costs of health care.

Innovative care delivery systems like the Ontario Telemedicine Network are already pointing the way to the future with programs that enhance access to care, enable chronic disease management in the home and save lives through virtual care.

In our transformed system:

  • A patient with chronic heart disease takes her vital signs, transmits them to her nurse and waits for her weekly coaching call to begin – while sitting in her living room.
  • A physician catches up on patient consultations – late at night in his home office.
  • A hospital discharges a patient – with a support system to keep her healthy at home.

Health care is under enormous pressure

Fiscal pressures are driven by a number of factors, including new treatment options, but the rising rate of chronic diseases – including chronic obstructive lung disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia – is the main contributor. In addition, the number of seniors – including people over 85 – is increasing exponentially and the cost of caring for an older person is three times higher than caring for an average age person.

The rise of connected consumers

Canada is one of most wired countries in the world. Our internet usage outpaces that of our global peers and we’re using this access to do a wide range of things – from banking to shopping to making dinner reservations. Ontarians are searching for health information and want the same kind of access to their health system that they have to banks, retailers and restaurants. They want to be able to make appointments and renew prescriptions – and have access to their health care team.

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What is Telemedicine?

Together we are working to make health care better in Ontario.

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Who is OTN?

OTN is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care charged with building a sustainable and responsive virtual care system.

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How is OTN Making a Difference in Ontario

Connected care has deep roots in this province. Learn More about how we are making a difference in Ontario.

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