Bringing Innovation to Health Care.

We’re working with our partners to find, assess and integrate innovative solutions to support Ontario’s healthcare transformation.

Bringing Innovation to Health Care.

We’re working with our partners to find, assess and integrate innovative solutions to support Ontario’s healthcare transformation.


Innovative Solutions

We’ve worked closely with our healthcare partners for over a decade to develop innovative telemedicine solutions. As healthcare innovations emerge, we develop, validate and source best-in-class telemedicine solutions that are proven, secure and effective, including apps and tools that help improve patient outcomes and drive efficiencies.

We also work to identify new virtually-enabled clinical models of care and the best solutions needed to implement, scale and embed them into Ontario’s complex healthcare system. We have a number of initiatives underway to support this work:

Through our new web resource, we provide health app reviews in collaboration with Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV). is designed primarily to help doctors advise patients on tools that support their care, but the site is free and available to anyone. The reviews are conducted by family doctors who rate the apps for clinical validity, usability, privacy and security, accessibility, safety and reliability.

Pilot Programs

With support from Canada Health Infoway and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, we’re working with the private sector and our healthcare partners to test new approaches to remote patient monitoring. Women’s College Hospital’s Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) is also working with OTN to carry out robust evaluations of the pilots.

Below are a few of the resources we’re currently piloting:

Diabetes self-management app

OTN is partnering with diabetes education centres at St. Joseph’s Care Group (Thunder Bay), William Osler Health System and North York General Hospital, to provide patients with type 2 diabetes a customized mobile diabetes self-management and lifestyle-tracking tool. The BlueStar app is a product of WellDoc, a digital health technology company. It provides patients with reminders and tools to support behavioural and lifestyle changes while providing their primary care providers with trending data to help support their care plan.

Online mental health resource

OTN is working with the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Lakeridge Health and Women’s College Hospital to pilot Big White Wall, a social media-based early intervention service for people with mental health problems. People with conditions such as depression, anxiety and social phobias can connect anonymously online for peer support and guidance from mental health clinicians. The service provides guided online courses based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles and individuals are encouraged to set goals and track progress.

Web-based peritoneal dialysis app

OTN is partnering with the Lawson Health Research Institute to test a telemonitoring solution to improve the management of peritoneal dialysis at home for people with chronic kidney disease. The eQ Connect Solution is an app developed by eQOL Inc., a company launched through Toronto’s MaRS innovation hub. It is being tested by way of a trial led by the London Health Sciences Centre’s Kidney Care Centre. The app records data, automates the ordering of supplies, and provides educational content and video consults with the care team.

Telehomecare expansion, wound care and palliative care

OTN’s Telehomecare program has reached more than 9,000 patients to date across Ontario. Data show that the remote home monitoring and health coaching program has contributed to a significant reduction in ER visits and hospital admissions. OTN is excited to be scaling and spreading the program even further through a new pilot. As well, OTN has kicked off pilots to evaluate the use of digital solutions to support wound care and palliative care in the home.

Partnering for solutions: We want to hear from you!

OTN is interested in partnering with all types of innovators to evaluate, implement and scale innovative digital health solutions, and share best practices to drive meaningful virtual care use across Ontario and beyond.

If you are a healthcare provider, organization, vendor or individual who believes you have a transformational idea, an innovative solution or partnership opportunity for OTN that leverages virtual care to address our health system priorities, we want to hear from you!

Healthcare providers and organizations submit your ideas or opportunities here! If you’re a vendor or other potential partner please submit your ideas here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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