Mood and Anxiety Solutions

Mental illness as a leading cause of disability is well noted by leading mental health professionals. However, due to insufficient resources and other complexities such as geography and stigma, access to mental health services is often a challenge. Wait lists for treatment are lengthy. Effective and cost-efficient virtual solutions are becoming a viable option to address the need to improve the health and mental health well-being of Ontarians.

Enhancing access to mental health care

By the time Canadians reach 40 years of age, one in two have or will have had a mental illness. Research shows that therapy works just as well, if not better, than medication for the most common illnesses; mild to moderate depression and anxiety, and does a better job at preventing relapse.

There is strong evidence that online mental health therapies work. A recent pilot project undertaken by OTN of a virtual solution for mild to moderate anxiety and depression showed improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms. These tools also address the Mental Health Strategy for Canada recommendation to ‘use technology to foster collaboration, increase access to services, and engage people in managing their mental health problems and illnesses.’

Key Benefits

Virtual solutions enhance timely access to supports for patients on wait lists for treatment, or those who face geographic barriers to care

Virtual resources for individuals with mild to moderate symptoms help improve their ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

Virtual solutions enhance people’s abilities to manage and gain control of their mental health issues

The end result is improved productivity and quality of life for both individuals and their families


OTN has curated and established various solutions and programs that Ontario’s health care providers and organizations can take advantage of to deliver patient-centred health care and improve their practice and administrative functions. All solutions and programs listed have been identified and validated by OTN and its partners to be best-in-class to achieve the outcomes desired by Ontario’s healthcare providers and organizations.

Vendor of Record

OTN has validated four vendors offering mature and market tested mood and anxiety tools that support timely access to care, enhance self-management skills, and improve quality of life.

A rigorous process was applied to identify and qualify these third-party virtual care solutions. An innovative procurement approach was used to establish a provincial Vendor of Record, supported by all 14 of Ontario’s LHINs and Canada Health Infoway, that can be readily utilized by Broader Public Sector organizations to acquire these virtual care solutions.

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