Wound Care Solutions

 Wounds are challenging to treat and a significant burden to the healthcare system. Limited financial resources, staffing issues, challenges with adhering to evidence-based, best practices, and patient travel also pose challenges. Unresolved, they can trigger or worsen other health issues. Effective virtual solutions are available to support wound care best practices, resource use, and communication.

Enhancing wound care management

The rising prevalence of patients requiring wound care is growing in Ontario. There is limited wound care expertise available, especially in rural and remote regions. Innovative strategies are required to address the growing need and costs to support patients with complex wounds. The estimated total cost of wounds in Ontario is over $1 billion and improved practices could save at least $100 million, according to the Ontario Hospital Association.

It has been shown that identifying the most appropriate wound care plan early has a positive impact on the trajectory and outcome of the wound. Expedited access to wound specialty services avoids unnecessary emergency department visits, hospitalizations and/or delayed hospital discharges, but most importantly avoids pain and, in some cases, premature death. There is compelling evidence to suggest that virtual wound care solutions can help support the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Patients First mandate, as well as the achievement of Health Quality Ontario’s wound care quality standards:

Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Pressure Injuries
Venous Leg Ulcers

Key benefits of virtual solutions for wound

Faster healing
Quicker access to wound support and expertise can reduce healing times – and reduced pain and need for hospitalization — and reduced costs for wound care management.

Mobile solutions support the patient-specialist connection, regardless of patient geographic location.

Best practice
The solutions support clinical best practice guidelines and are embedded in the clinical pathway.

Decreased time to heal means increased quality of life for patients, as well boosted satisfaction for caregivers and healthcare providers.

Easily available and qualified vendor solutions

OTN has qualified three vendors to a Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement supported by and available to all 14 Local Health Integration Networks. Use of the VOR arrangement makes for a streamlined, efficient, cost-effective and compliant procurement process, which is also Broader Public Sector (BPS) directive compliant.

The vendors offer mature and market-tested wound care solutions that enhance best practices in wound management that align with Health Quality Ontario quality standards, help to improve workflow efficiencies, support efficient resource use, and improve communication within the patient’s circle of care.

Health Outcomes Worldwide (HOW)

HOW’s wound care management software, how2trak Wound Care, has been developed by clinicians for clinicians. The how2trak software empowers clinicians to provide evidence-based wound care through interactive clinical decision support, artificial intelligence, automated wound measurement, electronic documentation, data gathering and reporting. how2trak tracks wound healing progress, alerts clinicians to problems, and provides best practice decision-support recommendations. It also allows administrators to run reports to support system achievements and improvements, and can measure any variable including patient age, comorbidity, wound measurement or product selection. how2trak is fully customizable to meet the needs of all customers across the health care sector. Find out more.


Bedside, Pixalere’s front-line assessment solution, enables wound team members to intuitively assess and heal wounds through evidence-based treatment recommendations. It allows data input, 2D wound measurements, automatically recommends diagnosis, treatment and product selection, clinical alerts with user-defined outcomes and generates individualized treatment plans based on best practices.

WoundManager, Pixalere’s administrative controls and reporting solution, enables clinicians and administrators to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. The tool features wound documentation through charting, education through specialist instruction and videos, collaboration through video conferencing and messaging and reporting through dashboards. Find out more.

Swift Medical and Think Research

Swift Medical and Think Research have partnered together to deliver a wound management platform designed specifically to meet the needs of the Ontario healthcare system.

Swift Medical empowers organizations to implement highly-compliant, best-practice wound care programs across the care-continuum improving clinical and operational outcomes. Swift transforms mobile devices into a point-of-care solution that automates wound assessment, providing treatment recommendations, workflows and analytics to inform and deliver healthcare organization’s Quality Programs.

Implementation will be supported by Think Research who has extensive experience delivering technologies across over 75% of the Ontario health system through both local, regional and provincial programs. Find out more.

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Streamlined procurement

All LHINs and their health and community care providers are eligible to leverage the VOR arrangement. Using the VOR arrangement is simple, organizations can:

Jumpstart procurement – Forgo the typical lengthy process of an open competitive procurement and move straight to second stage procurement and request a quote directly to one or more qualified vendors.

Select a vendor – Evaluate and select a preferred vendor, with confidence that all of the vendors have undergone a rigorous first-stage evaluation process.

Benefit from a negotiated group rate – Leverage group pricing negotiated by OTN.

Establish a Statement of Work – Negotiate a Statement of Work (SOW) using an OTN template.

Access implementation support – The successful vendor will support organizations with the solution implementation and adoption.

How OTN can help you design your model

OTN has a wealth of experience working with healthcare organizations to design and implement digitally enabled new models of care. We can work with you to identify your needs and find an appropriate solution. We can also provide a VOR guide that leads you through the procurement process and the pricing. Plus, we can offer other supports like a quality framework and logic model, input to project planning, care model development and implementation tool kit.

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