Telemedicine. Connecting You to Care.

Telemedicine for patients and families.

Telemedicine. Connecting you to care.

Telemedicine for Patients and Families

Three Ways Telemedicine is
Making Your Health Care Better


Our easy-to-use equipment and coaching from health care professionals provides the support you need. We can’t cure your condition, but we can help you enjoy your best possible health.

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Our eConsult service allows your doctor to consult with specialists across the province so you get the best care possible.

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Telemdecine uses videoconferencing and other electronic equipment to allow you to access specialized care no matter where you live. Your doctor can arrange for you to see a specialist from anywhere in Ontario—without the stress and cost of travel.

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About Your Telemedicine Visit

A telemedicine appointment is just like a regular appointment, only the specialist you will be seeing and speaking with is on a monitor. Free to residents of Ontario, OTN connects you with the right health care professional, in the right place, at the right time.


Why should you talk to your doctor about OTN?
  • to access a specialist from anywhere in Ontario in a timely manner.
  • to receive care closer to your home.
  • to reduce travel to appointments, saving time and money.

Read our Overview of a Telemedicine Appointment brochure for more information.

You can also read more about how OTN protects your personal health information in this pamphlet, which provides patients with answers to some frequently asked questions about patient privacy.

People Stories

Find out how OTN connected these people to care.


Telehomecare, the Remote Care Coach

This is Beatrice. She’s 77 and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). “One morning, I was having trouble breathing, really gasping. My poor family was terrified and called 911.”

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Patient looking out window

Virtual house calls transform the patient experience

Yanekah suffered a serious car accident at age 18. After years of chronic pain, as well as depression and anxiety, the stress of pregnancy made life even harder to manage.

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Telestroke Saves Lives

One morning in July 2011, 35-year-old Brandy Engelsdorfer headed to the second floor of her Shannonville, Ontario, home to wake up her three children. At the top of the stairs, she suddenly banged into the wall, “and the world turned sideways.”

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Privacy & Security for Patients and Families

Telemedicine is safe, secure and private and both health care providers and patients can feel assured that the protection of personal information is a top priority for OTN.

young surgeon in scrubs

What is Telemedicine?

Together we are working to make health care better in Ontario.

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doctor sitting at computer

Who is OTN?

OTN is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care charged with building a sustainable and responsive virtual care system.

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How is OTN Making a Difference in Ontario

Connected care has deep roots in this province. Learn More about how we are making a difference in Ontario.

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