An urgent virtual (telemedicine) application that allows for the assessment and treatment of burn patients using live, two-way videoconferencing with a remote burn specialist located at Sunnybrook hospital’s Ross Tilley Burn Centre.

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About the Program

The specialists at the Ross Tilley Burn Centre can help provide care prior to transport to a burn centre, or provide advice to prevent transport of the patient and guide care at the referring site to reduce patient and family travel.

The Sunnybrook Teleburn Program:

  • provides 24/7 emergency burn service via OTN
  • uses CritiCall Ontario to contact a burn specialist at the Ross Tilley Burn Centre
  • supports discussions between physicians and the health care team regarding the treatment of burn patients
  • provides access to burn specialists for follow-up, if required

Patient Eligibility Criteria

The patient criteria for referral to the Sunnybrook Teleburn Program are teenagers, adults and the elderly with burn injuries including:

  • electrical burns
  • chemical burns
  • suspected Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) / Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN)
  • frostbite
  • third-degree burns

Steps to Access Teleburn

To access Teleburn:
Contact CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-668-HELP (4357) and ask for Teleburn

Provide your location, site and video system number to the consultant at the time of the initial phone consult.

Complete and fax an Information for Teleburn Consultants form at the conclusion of the consult.

Teleburn resource materials, including billing forms, are available in the Emergency Services section of the Knowledge Centre Resource Library

Participating Site Criteria

To participate in Teleburn, referring sites must have:

  • a virtual care-enabled clinical area (e.g. emergency department) with a peripheral hand-held camera, if possible (not mandatory)
  • knowledge of the referral protocol and patient eligibility criteria and
  • the ability to clinically present via virtual care

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To learn more about these solutions or for any questions, please contact us.

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