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What is Togetherall?

Togetherall is a free online peer-to-peer support service that offers immediate online assistance to people struggling with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Patients can be referred to Togetherall and register themselves.

Through Togetherall, members can connect anonymously with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Togetherall is staffed by trained Wall Guides who ensure that the community is safe, supportive and remains anonymous.

Members also have access to online guided support courses. They can take as many courses as they like, on a variety of topics including depression, anxiety, weight management, and smoking cessation.

For those who benefit from expressing themselves visually, Togetherall provides the opportunity to display feelings using images, drawings and words to make bricks that are posted to the Wall.

Who is appropriate for Togetherall?

  • Patients experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety and depression
  • Patients 16 years of age and older
  • Patients at low risk of suicidal self-harm
  • Patients who could benefit from peer-to-peer support
  • Patients in need of assistance after hours when the availability of other services is more limited
  • Patients with a basic level of literacy and comprehension
  • Patients with a smartphone or computer with Internet

What are the benefits of Togetherall?

Virtual mental health solutions enhance timely access to support for patients on wait lists for treatment, those who face geographic barriers to care, those who hesitate to seek treatment due to stigma, and those more comfortable connecting anonymously online.

To learn more about these solutions
or for any questions, please contact us.

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To learn more about these solutions or for any questions, please contact us.

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