The symptoms of postpartum hypertension can make driving stressful. Virtual visits can help.

Leveraging virtual care for patients with postpartum hypertension allows for more accurate blood pressure measurements, increases patient confidence and reduces visits to hospital emergency departments.

Dr. Jeff Alfonsi, an internist and clinical pharmacologist now at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, who has been doing eVisits through OTN for about a year, says there’s more and more evidence that supports home blood pressure measurement because patients are more relaxed in the safety of their own home. “By removing stress, we get a more accurate measurement.”  

Another benefit for health care providers and the system, he says, is greater flexibility in his practice, saving “in-patient space” for people who really need it.

“Video consultations make a huge difference for some patients. I am building relationships because I can respond to patients more quickly than would be the case if I were only scheduling in-office visits. Couple that with the fact that patients don’t have to drive to appointments or pay for parking and you have receptive patients. I’ve never had a patient say, ‘Can we do it in person instead?’”

“We can generally schedule a virtual visit within 24 hours,” he says. “That rapid response gives patients confidence and reduces visits to the hospital emergency department.” 

Read what Dr. Jeff Alfonsi’s patient, Abbi, has to say about how virtual care helped her manage her postpartum hypertension.