New mom ensures her own safety and that of her newborn through virtual visits

The symptoms of postpartum hypertension can make driving to appointments feel stressful; feeling dizzy, faint and weak, made Abbi Wright Pereira nervous about her safety, and that of her children. Virtual visits with her specialist helped ease her concerns.

High blood pressure caused Abbi, to feel as if her “head would explode”. Suffering from postpartum hypertension after the birth of her second child, Abbi was facing what felt like a very long and stressful drive from her home to a hospital to meet her specialist, especially on a day when she couldn’t get child-care for her two children.

Medication initially helped with her symptoms, but then her blood pressure dropped, and she was advised to stop using the medication. The result was skyrocketing blood pressure. “I ended up in a hospital emergency department. It was quite unnerving trying to manage this on my own,” she said. “When it spiked again, I asked for a specialist.”

Following an initial office visit, internist and clinical pharmacologist Dr. Jeff Alfonsi now at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga realized how stressed Abbi felt about driving to regular appointments, especially after her recent experience in the hospital emergency department, and recommended weekly video visits, or eVisits, to track her blood pressure. “It’s great. I use my phone to track my blood pressure and send Dr. Alfonsi the report. And I email him when I have a question.” Abbi loves that her health care needs are being met online from the safety of her own home.  

“It’s virtually face-to-face. And I am more comfortable (dealing with this) now – I’m really being monitored. I feel safe.” 

Read what Dr. Jeff Alfonsi has to say about how virtual care helped him provide the best care for Abbi.