Adding a Favourite

You can add both personal users () or room-based systems () to your Favourites list. If you add a contact to your Favourites in the app, they will also appear in your OTNhub eVisit (Videoconference) Favourites.

  1. To identify a favourite you want to add, search for the contact.
  2. To view the contact's details, tap the name in the results list.
  3. To add the system to your Favourites, tap the Add Favourite () button.

The system validates the add request and if all is okay a Remove Favourite () button replaces the Add button in the contact details.

If there is an error, an error message appears and the contact name is not added.

  1. To leave the contact details and return to the previous panel (e.g. search results or favourites), tap the Back () button in the top left corner of the details panel.

When you return to the Favourites list, the selected contact appears in the list.