Viewing Contact Details

The Contact Details page is where you can view more information about the contact, such as their online status, full address, or telemedicine contact.

The Contact Details page also offers various actions, such as starting a videoconference or adding a favourite.

  1. To identify a contact for whom you want to view details:
  2. To view the contact's details, tap the name in the results list:
    • On an iPhone, the Contact Details panel replaces the Favourites list.
    • On an iPad, when viewing the Favourites list, the Contact Details appear to the right of the Favourites panel.
  3. To return to the Favourites list, tap the Back/Return link (), in the top left of the panel.

The contact details include the following information for each contact:

Personal Room-based
  • System status (online, offline, busy)
  • First name and last name
  • Organization name
  • Specialty
  • Address
  • Primary telephone number
  • System status (online, offline, busy)
  • System name
  • Site name (and Room name if provided)
  • Address
  • Telemedicine contact name and phone
  • LHIN

Using the Contact Details, you can: