Contacts / Favourites

If you have contacts with whom you frequently videoconference, you can add them to your Favourites, so they are easily accessible without having to do a search.

You can see at a glance whether the contact is a personal user () or a room-based system ().

The list displays contacts sorted in ascending alphabetical order by system name.

The Favourites list displays the following for each contact:

Personal Room-based
  • First and last names of system's registered owner*
  • Organization
  • System name*

  • Room name

  • Site name

* A favourite appears as its system name unless you have assigned a nickname, in which case the nickname appears. You can assign nicknames (i.e., rename) only when using eVisit (Videoconference) on a PC or Mac at

Favourites screen

To view the action buttons for a favourite, swipe-left on the contact's name.