Resolving Sound Issues (Android)


Checking Your Microphone, and Speakers

If the person you are calling complains about what they see and/or hear from you, go through these troubleshooting steps.

If you are unable to hear their audio, ask them to go through these troubleshooting steps too.

  1. To check the speakers, go to the device's Settings > Sound and drag the Media, Alarm, and Ring volume sliders to increase the volume. You should hear the ring tones clearly.

  2. To check the microphone, open another app that uses the microphone and test. For example, do a Google Voice search or start the device’s camera and make a short video with voice-over.

  3. To check the camera, tap the camera icon. If the photo camera is active, swipe left to switch to the video camera. Select the Front Camera. You should see your self-image.

Fixing Microphone Issues

If you can hear sounds from other apps on your device or if other participants cannot hear you, the issue might be your microphone. The following might help fix the issue:

  • Ensure that the microphone is on and not set to mute.
  • If you are using a headset, ensure that it is properly plugged into the headset jack. If you are not using a headset, ensure that nothing is plugged into the headset jack.
  • When using your device, make sure you do not block the microphone with your fingers or other object.
  • If you are using a screen protector or case that covers the microphone, remove it.
  • Clear any debris from the microphone

Fixing Speaker Issues

If you cannot hear other person, the issue might be your speakers.

Check your device's volume controls:

  • Ensure the sound is not muted.
  • Adjust the volume if it is set too low.