Icons and Controls

OTNconnect uses various buttons and icons to either give you visual cues to access features or see at a glance the status of an OTNconnect system.

  • Navigation controls appear in an action bar at the bottom of the Favourites, search results, and contact details screens.
  • Contact type icons are associated with individual systems and appear in the contact details call settings screens and in system lists (favourites, search results).
  • System status icons are associated with OTNconnect systems and appear in the contact details screen.
  • Action buttons enable various OTNconnect features, such as starting a videoconference or managing your favourites.
  • In-call video controls give you access to the camera, microphone, and self-view settings.

In the Favourites, Search results, and Contact Details screens, the bottom of the screen includes a control bar with navigation buttons.

When you view a main panel (Favourites, Search, or Contact Details), its control icon appears dark blue.

In-call Video Controls

When you are in a video call, you can control your equipment and your view of the displayed video image.

Changing screen orientation

While in a video call, for optimum viewing, use a landscape orientation.


Selecting camera, microphone, and self-view

The Video Control bar contains the control buttons.

Tap a control button to toggle through its functions as listed below.

Icon Description

Front camera

Rear camera.

Microphone on

Microphone off (muted)

Webcam camera on

Webcam camera off (privacy mode)

Note: When you tap the camera off, the last image shown on screen freezes in your self-view and on the other person's screen.

Self-view picture-in-picture

Other video image only (no self-view picture-in-picture)

End call (disconnect)