With OTNconnect you have videoconferencing in the palm of your hand - easily connect with other OTN members and quickly find and save their contact details.

The OTNconnect app is fully integrated with the OTNhub. If you add a contact to your Favourites in the app, they will also appear in your OTNhub eVisit (Videoconference) Favourites. If you remove a contact from your Favourites in the app, they are removed from your OTNhub eVisit (Videoconference) Favourites.

After you have signed in to the app, the full OTNhub Directory is available to search for other OTN members who use the eVisit service. You can videoconference with either personal users or room-based systems.

The app's navigation controls give you quick access to it's search feature, favourites list, and settings screen. The in-call video controls, give you quick access to your device's camera, microphone, and the self-view feature.

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