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Connecting People and Care

Our goal is simple – we want to move health care forward by ensuring every Ontarian has easy access to the best health care where and when they need it.

Virtual care makes accessing health care more convenient, minimizes time spent travelling, and provides better support for people living with chronic disease. The result is better outcomes and less time spent away from the people and things that really matter.

Modernizing Consumer
Access to Care

Reducing Pressure
on Hospitals

Improving Access
to Specialized Care

Health care is about people. It is provided by people, consumed by people, and exists to help people. This reality must inform the way health care is accessed. By providing a wide range of virtual services that are indispensable to people’s well-being – including unprecedented access to primary care and mental health care – OTN is working with our partners to modernize consumer access to care.

More Primary Care Access

We are now partnering to extend virtual care access into the primary care space, enabling patients to connect via text, audio or video with their family physicians with less need to visit the emergency department to access timely care. By empowering patients to be part of the solution, we are supporting the health care system to become more patient-centric.

Easier Mental Health Access

Easy access to mental health care is essential to everyone’s well-being. Ontarians can wait months for mental health services; this is why OTN, working with others, is supporting consumer-friendly, always on mental health services built around patients and their needs.

More Modern Resources

As we work together to face some of health care’s biggest challenges, we need more innovative and easy-to-use solutions that modernize access to care.

By easily and simply enabling virtual connections between patients and health care providers, we demonstrate every day that quality care does not always need to be in-person. Virtual care enables people to access care where and when they need it, minimizes the stress of an uncoordinated healthcare system, and reduces pressure on hospitals.

More Connected Care

We are sharing our knowledge of and experience with virtual care solutions to create a more coordinated and connected patient experience. Virtual care brings care to people wherever they live – at home, in long-term care or even in a treatment centre – minimizing patient transitions between care settings and care teams.

More Care at Home

Driven by empathy and compassion, we partner to bring hospital services, such as dialysis and virtual cancer care, directly to the home, minimizing the need for end-of-life emergency visits. By acknowledging health care doesn’t begin and end at the hospital, we can break the cycle of hospital admissions to provide a more seamless patient experience.

Less Hospital Readmissions

Together with our partners, we can support the follow-up required to prevent discharged patients from having to return to hospital. By keeping people healthy and happy at home, we ultimately reduce pressure on hospitals.

Our health care system should provide quality care to everyone, regardless of geography, income or other factors. Every day, we leverage our provincial reach, strong partnerships, and technological expertise to create communities of care across Ontario. By working together to better organize care, we improve access to specialized care.

Quicker Access to Care

Virtual care ensures specialized care is increasingly available to all Ontarians regardless of location. By connecting patients with a wider range of specialty care providers, and family doctors with specialists, we help people get the care they need sooner and more seamlessly.

More Equitable Options

With our partners, we support specialized care for remote communities, including Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario, as well as virtual emergency and critical care services to rural and remote areas across the province.

More Effective Delivery

To ensure that our system is efficient and equitable, we need to account for every Ontarian and widen the reach and delivery of specialized care. Working collaboratively, we increase the distribution of and access to care, ultimately improving health outcomes for everyone.

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