Making access to care better, faster and more convenient.

Virtual care helps people access the care they need when and where they need it. We work with our partners to find better value for Ontario’s publicly funded health care system.

Virtual Care in Ontario

By maximizing access to care and minimizing travel and wait times, virtual care makes health care delivery more human, efficient, and equitable. Working together with patients, primary care providers, and specialists, we can provide more care options and innovative solutions that help improve access to specialized care; reduce pressure on hospitals; and modernize consumer access to care.

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Improve Access
to Specialized Care

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Reduce Pressure
on Hospitals

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Modernize Consumer
Access to Care

Health care is about people. It is provided by people, consumed by people, and exists to help people. This reality must inform the way health care is accessed.

By providing a wide range of virtual services that are indispensable to people’s well-being – including unprecedented access to primary care and mental health care – we are modernizing the way consumers access the care they need. More About OTN →


Virtual Visits
last year

270 M

Kilometers of patient
travel avoided

$74 M+

Cost avoidance for
Ontario’s health system

By easily and simply enabling virtual connections between patients and their health care providers, we prove everyday that high quality health care does not need to be provided in-person.

We believe that virtual care maximizes the opportunity to keep people healthy and happy at home, minimizes the stress when health care delivery is not coordinated and, ultimately, reduces pressure on hospitals. More Virtual Care in Action →

OTN and Ontario: Partners in Health

Our health care system should provide equal quality care to everyone, regardless of geography, income, or other factors.

We are leveraging our provincial role, strong partnerships, and technological expertise to create communities of care across Ontario. By working together to better organize care, we are improving access to specialized care. More about Partnerships →