Important COVID-19 Information and Updates

Last Updated May 27, 2020

COVID-19 Information and Updates: Content

Virtual care has emerged as a vital tool in Ontario’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is becoming a mainstream delivery channel for health care services.

Virtual visits (by secure video, text or telephone) and remote patient monitoring allow health care providers and patients to connect safely at a distance, minimizing the risk of community infection.

Health care providers are encouraged to use virtual care whenever possible and appropriate during the pandemic—and Ontario’s Ministry of Health has introduced temporary billing codes and procedures to support that effort. More information on the temporary billing codes, including useful resources and frequently asked questions, can be found here.

Virtual care allows in-person visits to be minimized and used only if a physical examination, diagnostic testing or face-to-face interaction is essential.

Virtual care on the rise

Physicians and other health care providers have been using virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic at unprecedented levels. The increased demand across the province is reflected in the growth of virtual visits on OTN’s network.

New account requests since March 1st

Virtual visits via OTN since March 1st

Virtual models of care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ontario is introducing a carefully staged and managed resumption of health care services, such as non-essential and elective surgeries, suspended temporarily in the initial stages of the COVID-19 outbreak.

From emergency triage, pre- and post-surgical care to remote monitoring, mental health supports, and primary and specialty care consultations, virtual care is helping keep care delivery in Ontario safer, patient-centred and integrated at a time when innovation and flexibility are more essential than ever.

Learn how virtual care is now being deployed across Ontario’s health care sector.

Technical Guides and Resources for OTN-supported tools

New to virtual care or need a refresher? The technical guides and resources below have been created to help clinicians use OTN-supported tools to deliver virtual care safely and effectively. To sign up for OTNhub services, start here.