Virtual support for day program

Tablets used to ensure francophone community has continued access to adult day program

Lead Organization: Prescott Russell Community Services (PRCS)

Program Name: Virtual Adult Day Program in Prescott and Russell

Area of Care: Virtual Adult Day Program in Prescott and Russell

Vendor: OTN and ConnectAinés


  • Use technology (tablets) to replace in-person activities for French speaking vulnerable seniors and ADP clients
  • Provide tablets to clients and their caregivers to be used at home
  • Support integration of community care with primary and acute care (MyChart)
  • Address equity of access to community of care as clients are rural without access to public transportation


The pandemic led to  several restrictions on social gatherings, leaving a gap for those vulnerable clients who would otherwise access the ADP.  In addition, due to the necessary public health measures needed to protect Ontarians from COVID-19  such as limits on social gatherings,  the ADP lost approximately 50 per cent of volunteers that visited and cared for seniors. As a way to break social isolation, increase patient education, and offer training related to care, tablets were distributed to 55 ADP clients and their formal caregivers. The tablets provided additional support to essential hands-on care, and helped to replace in-person activities when a physical visit is not possible. Using the tablets, clients were able to access ConnectAinés, an online social inclusion application for Francophone seniors in linguistic minority communities. Ensuring that Francophones have access to continued community support was of utmost importance.

Having access to this technology, ultimately resulted in better management of demand for community services in times of scarce human resources and social distancing.

This project helped to address equity of access to community care since clients live in a rural area where public transportation is limited or non-existent. This model of services relies on volunteer drivers, but we have temporarily lost many of them due to COVID-19.

Our objectives are for 2021-22, when the project is running:

  • 55 tablets used by 55 clients/caregivers
  • Three trained staff
  • Six hours of use by each client per week providing a possibility of 4 activities/sessions;
  • 11,440 interactive sessions per year;
  • 85% client satisfaction level; and
  • a reduction of 40% in annual transportation costs;

We would like to accomplish this while helping improve cognitive and social abilities.

Technology Type: Tablets enabling connection with ConnectAinés, an online social inclusion application for Francophone seniors in linguistic minority communities.  Tablets were be provided to 55 ADP clients and their formal caregivers. To ensure equitable access to this virtual program, Wi-Fi was provided by PRCS when clients did not have their own connection.


As a result of the implementation of virtual services:

  • 31 clients were onboarded between March 8 (program go-live) and March 31 2021.
  • 193 client/caregiver virtual visits were completed
  • Three providers at Prescott and Russell are using virtual
  • There were 31 provider to provider interactions

High Client Satisfaction:
Clients/caregivers surveyed were satisfied with the services provided by the program.  Satisfaction results were favourable or very favourable for over 100 percent surveyed.

Change Required to Support the Model

  • Purchase of devices for clients/caregivers who do not have technology to access programs
  • Training for clients/caregivers for those who had their own device
  • Training for staff on new platform, support for clients as required
  • IT support for configuring and device adjustment
  • Marketing campaign to promote virtual services to clients and community

Adoption Rate

75 per cent and increasing as project is developing