Your patients can track their vaccination records electronically

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What is CANImmunize?

CANImmunize is a free, bilingual tool that enables patients to track their immunizations on their smartphones, helping them maintain their vaccination schedule. CANImmunize is available to all Canadians, from new parents to families with older children, travelers and adults.

Who is CANImmunize for?

CANImmunize is free to all Canadians and is a valuable resource to help your patients maintain their vaccination schedules.

What are the benefits of CANImmunize?

Personalized – Patients receive reminders when it’s time to vaccinate. They can customize schedules for each family member and set reminders about upcoming vaccinations, helping them stay on track.

24/7 – With CANImmunize, patients are able to carry their immunization information wherever they go. They can access vaccination records via their smartphone or tablet, and soon via computer.

Schedule – Patients can find the vaccination schedule for Ontario, and other provinces in the event of a move, as well as information and regional resources about immunization.

Discover – Patients can access tips to help prevent pain and anxiety at every age. They can learn how to take the pain out of immunization for every age, from kids under age three to teens and adults, helping to ensure that everyone is protected from serious disease.

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