Substance Use Disorder Solutions

Some 5 million Canadians use illegal drugs, more than 1 million are known to abuse prescription drugs, 6 million are addicted to cigarettes, 7 million abuse alcohol, and 50,000 are compulsive gamblers. These individuals are also up to three times more likely to have a mental illness as well. Rapid access to addiction treatment is crucial but limited due to long wait lists and other complexities such as geography and stigma. Evidence-based, virtual health solutions are needed to increase addiction management and offer new integrated opportunities to screen and treat other associated disorders.

Enhancing access to addictions support

At least 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a problem with substance use and addiction over their lifetime. Unfortunately, timely access to addiction treatment in Ontario is limited. This results in increased cost to the healthcare system through emergency hospital visits, acute and chronic medication complications, loss of work, and other social issues like homelessness and increased incarceration rates.

With appropriate treatment and support, many individuals with addiction problems can reduce or eliminate addiction behaviours and the associated risks. Virtual health solutions are an effective and cost-efficient way of ensuring addiction management.

There is strong evidence that online therapies provide timely care and support to those suffering with mental health and addiction issues. The tools provided help engage people in managing their addiction problems, and if applicable, maintain abstinence.

Key Benefits

Virtual solutions enhance timely access to support for patients on wait lists for treatment, or those who face geographic barriers to care

Virtual resources help reduce stigma associated with addiction issues

Virtual solutions enhance people’s abilities to gain control of their addiction challenges through self-management strategies

The result is improved productivity and quality of life for both individuals and their families


OTN has curated and established various solutions and programs that Ontario’s health care providers and organizations can take advantage of to deliver patient-centred health care. All solutions and programs have been identified and qualified by OTN and its partners to be best-in-class to achieve the outcomes desired by Ontario’s healthcare providers and organizations.

Vendor of Record

OTN has validated three vendors offering virtual addiction solutions that support timely access to care, enhance self-management skills, and improve quality of life.

A rigorous process was applied to identify and qualify these third-party virtual care solutions. An innovative procurement approach was used to establish a provincial Vendor of Record, supported by all 14 of Ontario’s LHINs and Canada Health Infoway, that can be readily utilized by Broader Public Sector organizations to acquire these virtual care solutions.

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