Verified Virtual Visit Solutions for Providers

To assist health service providers in the selection of virtual care solutions appropriate for clinical use, Ontario Health has established a provincial standard (The Standard) and launched a verification process for virtual care solutions.

Ontario Health is now hosting the list of verified virtual visit solutions. Visit to view the list.

Ontario Health Provincial Standard

Ontario Health oversees health care delivery in the province and, as part of that role, is responsible for setting evidence-based standards that will enable front-line health care providers to provide secure and confidential virtual visits within their communities.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and OntarioMD, Ontario Health has developed provincial standards for virtual visits including:

  • video
  • secure messaging

What is Verification?

The purpose for setting these standards is to enable more choice for providers in selecting the virtual care solution that best meets their care delivery needs, while ensuring clinical encounters are secure and patient privacy is protected.

Ontario Health’s provincial standards for virtual visit solutions are intended to ensure virtual care services are delivered using safe, secure, and interoperable platforms. These were developed in consultation with health care organizations and clinicians across the province.

Benefits of Using Verified Solutions

  • Confidence in virtual care solutions that meet provincial privacy, security, interoperability, and technical requirements
  • Safeguarding of patient Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Provincial funding opportunities through the Ontario Health Digital & Virtual Care Secretariat program (use of a verified solution is a requirement for solutions using video or secure messaging)
  • Other opportunities for provincial program funding

Talk to your Vendor

Health service providers are encouraged to direct vendors to review the Virtual Visits Solution Requirements and to submit applications to become verified. For more details and guidance for your vendor visit the Virtual Visits Verification Process page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note this information will be updated in late November. Please check back for more details.

Which technologies are used to deliver virtual visits?

Virtual visits can be delivered to patients using videoconferencing and secure messaging solutions. A video visit (videoconferencing) involves a real-time encounter between one or more health care providers and a patient. Secure messaging is an asynchronous, written clinical encounter, typically without any visual input (except for optional image attachments), accessible by patients via a web browser or mobile application.

What is the Verification process for?

The purpose of the Virtual Visits Solution standard and verification process is to ensure that virtual visit solutions meet the provincial standards, and that virtual visits between patients and providers are safe and secure, with patient privacy protected.

How will I benefit from Virtual Visit standards and the verification process?

The list of verified solutions will provide you with guidance on whether your existing virtual visit solution meets provincial standards, or if you are interested in procuring or using a virtual visit solution other than Ontario Health video solutions through OTNhub, you may use the verified list of solutions to guide you.
Health Service Providers using a verified virtual visit solution will benefit through:

  • Confidence in virtual care solutions that meet provincial privacy, security, interoperability, and technical requirements
  • Safeguarding of patient Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Opportunities for provincial program funding


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