Connect with your health care provider by video

See your health care provider via secure video from your local health centre, your computer at home, or on-the-go via tablet or smartphone with eVisit.

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For updated information on virtual care services available to support the current pandemic, please see our dedicated COVID-19 page.

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OTN is not a health care provider and cannot provide medical advice or treatment to patients. If you need to see a doctor, please contact your family doctor.


OTN services are free for patients through your health care provider. Please note that OTN does not request credit card details or any form of payment for use of our services by patients.

The benefits of eVisit

Designed to increase access to family doctors, specialists, and other health care providers, eVisits are often a time-saving and convenient option. eVisits connect you to your health care provider either from home on your own device, or from a health care centre near you. Every day, more and more providers offer video as an alternative to having an in-office appointment. There is no cost to patients. eVisits provide the same level of care as you’d expect with an in-office visit, as well as the opportunity for family members or other caregivers to participate in your care if appropriate. And the interaction is safe and private, with sensitive information transmitted through a secure network, and all the information from your eVisit is recorded in your medical record. When things like time off from work, childcare, and parking, make accessing care challenging, eVisits can help.

Having an eVisit from home

  • Receive your eVisit invitation by email: This happens after your health care provider determines an eVisit is right for you.
  • Test your internet connection: Follow the instructions in the invitation email before your eVisit, making sure your camera, speaker, and microphone work.
  • Connect with your health care provider: Do this at a private location and talk about your condition as you would in person.
  • Talk about next steps: Your health care provider may schedule a follow-up visit, provide a prescription, or order a test. This will complete your eVisit appointment.

Having an eVisit at a local health care centre

  • Schedule an eVisit: After the health care provider determines an eVisit at a health care centre near you is appropriate, the health care provider’s office will schedule the eVisit. The office will inform you of the date, time, and location of your appointment.
  • Go to your local health care centre: Sign-in at reception and the telemedicine nurse will prepare you for the appointment. The nurse might check your vitals and ask you some basic questions about your health.
  • See the health care provider by video: Talk about your condition by video in a telemedicine room. The telemedicine nurse will help with any physical examinations.
  • Talk about next steps: Your provider may schedule a follow-up visit, provide a prescription, or order a test.

If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact OTN at: 1-855-654-0888.