Eye screening closer to home for people with diabetes.

Virtual Retinal Screening | Teleophthalmology: Content

Teleophthalmology enables people with diabetes to have a retinal eye screen done in the community rather than having to travel to see an eye specialist in person.

Screening is important for detecting the early signs of diabetic retinopathy, which affects the blood vessels in the eye and can cause vision loss. Early screening is ideal since diabetic retinopathy is best treated before it has symptoms.

Talk to your health care provider about having a Teleophthalmology appointment for retinal eye screening.

How it works

Your family doctor or nurse practitioner will refer you to a Teleophthalmology site closest to you. A trained nurse or technician will take pictures of your eyes, which will be sent through a secure website to the specialist for review. The specialist will complete a report that indicates whether there are changes in your eye, or the potential for changes. They will decide whether you need to see a specialist in person or continue to be monitored with retinal screens every 1-2 years as recommended by Diabetes Canada.

Any Ontario physician can refer a patient for retinal screening at the following Teleophthalmology sites: