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Improve patient self-management, reduce health care system utilization, and collect meaningful data, with evidence based chronic pain solutions through Ontario Health (OTN).

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Supporting Patient Engagement and Self-Management

The prevalence of chronic pain in Ontario represents three key problems: poor quality of life for patients, increased health care utilization and costs, and contribution to opioid misuse. Appropriately managing and treating chronic pain patients in Ontario is crucial to limiting these problems.

Virtually enabled models of care for chronic pain can allow patients to engage with their providers and improve their self-management. These solutions facilitate the ability to track pain, level of function, quality of life, medication use, and pain triggers, using validated scoring tools where applicable. They also allow for communication with health care providers along with reports that can inform clinic visits.

The five vendors on the vendor of record (VoR) are:

  • Managing Life
  • NexJ Health
  • Kaia Health
  • Thrive Health
  • Input Health

Value of virtual tools

Virtual solutions can help to improve patient quality of life and function, lower rates of opioid misuse, and enable the gathering of insightful data.

Ontario Health (OTN) has qualified the following five vendors who offer virtual care solutions that use clinically validated screening tools, deliver multidisciplinary self-management programs, and collect pre-set data points for an entire patient population.

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Managing Life

Nex J Health


Thrive Health

Input Health

Manage My Pain (MMP) by ManagingLife is a digital solution that helps patients and health care professionals measure, monitor, and communicate pain, function, and medication use. MMP has demonstrated patient engagement with over 42,000 users recording over 1.3M pain episodes. A 2-year multi-site study led by University Health Network (UHN) showed chronic pain patients who use MMP for 30 days have lower anxiety and pain catastrophizing levels, and a higher perceived improvement.

The solution is made up of three components working together:

  1. Patient apps that keep patients engaged while collecting outcomes and enabling self-management
  2. Clinical reports that concisely summarize clinically-relevant outcomes for more effective visits
  3. A monitoring portal that allows you to request questionnaires prior to visit and monitor patient progress remotely

To learn more about how this solution can help you collect and remotely monitor patient-reported outcomes while empowering patients with self-management, visit:

NexJ Connected Wellness is a patient-facing virtual care platform that enhances patient and caregiver support, enables integrated coordinated care, and improves behavioural health. NexJ Health coaching programs are evidence-based, patient-centered behaviour change solutions that pair patients with a behaviour change expert on a user-friendly, digital health platform to efficiently support patients in self-managing their chronic condition(s).

NexJ Health coaching programs include:

  • Virtual visits with a health navigator, health coach or health care provider
  • Self-management workbooks and a curated health library for patients to learn more about their condition and treatment
  • A personalized treatment plan using a multi-faceted approach and support for several care pathways
  • A personal circle of care, allowing patients to communicate and share information with their health care team, family, friends and health advocates
  • Wellness tracking, allowing patients to track their behaviours, biometrics and overall feeling
  • A library of validated questionnaires and access to a questionnaire authoring tool to create custom questionnaires.

NexJ Connected Wellness places the patient at the center of their health care planning, empowering them to become more activated in the management of their own health and take control of their condition and treatments.

Kaia Health provides a scalable, evidence-based, self-management program for musculoskeletal pain to reduce medical spend and improve patient care. With over 400,000 users, Kaia MSK provides remote digital therapy that combines individualized exercise plans, goal-setting, pain tracking, mindfulness and more. The program runs directly on a patient’s own smartphone or tablet; no additional hardware is required. The solution provides real-time corrective feedback on exercises using artificial intelligence and the smartphone’s camera. Personalized to the patient through an app, the program adapts dynamically to cater to the patient’s condition and functional ability. The program also comes with a dashboard and chat portal for health coaches or clinical staff to securely communicate with patients directly within the app.

Core components of the Kaia MSK patient-facing program include:

  • Holistic Chronic Pain Education
  • Customized Daily Training Sessions
  • Anxiety and Stress Relief
  • Support from Certified Health Coaches (optional)

Thrive Health is a software company founded with a mission to improve the delivery of health care in Canada and around the world. Thrive empowers patients to play an active role throughout their health journeys so they can thrive in all aspects of their lives. In addition to a foundational software platform that supports patients through significant medical events, Thrive has developed the official COVID-19 support apps in partnership with the Government of BC and the Government of Canada.

The modular nature of Input Health products allows health care providers to pick and choose from a myriad of functionalities available:

Questionnaire Engine “Qnaires”:

  • Flexible, and user-friendly health questionnaire engine
  • Can be completed in clinic or remotely
  • Sent on-demand or at pre-defined intervals to support outcomes tracking
  • Access to a library of validated pain management tools
  • Additional questionnaires can be easily created or customized, with or without support from InputHealth

Benefits of Innovative Procurement

Ontario Health (OTN) uses a rigorous process to identify and qualify transformative virtual care solutions by evaluating clinical and business outcomes, privacy, security, and technical requirements.

An innovative procurement approach is applied to these provincial Vendor of Record arrangements, each of which has been supported by:

  • Ontario Health
  • The five Interim and Transitional Regions (West, Central, Toronto, East, and North), which consists of the existing 14 Local Health System Integration Network (LHIN) geographic boundaries as set out presently in the LHIN’s governing legislation
  • The health and community care providers within the above regions and LHINs
  • Canada Health Infoway

Health care organizations can leverage a streamlined, efficient, cost-effective and compliant procurement process to easily acquire validated solutions at the best price through Ontario Health (OTN)’s status as a Broader Public Sector institution.

For more details about the innovative procurement and qualification process visit our Health Care Solution Provider space.

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