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eVisits enable your patients to be seen by specialists via video, either to a local health care centre near the patient, or direct to the patient’s device.

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For updated information on virtual care services available to support the current pandemic, please see our dedicated COVID-19 page and consider our Virtual Visit Solution Guidance.

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eVisits are a convenient and time saving option for both patients and providers when an in-office visit isn’t needed. Reduce no-shows and cancellations while increasing practice capacity through enabling access both for patients who may be rural or remote, as well as those in urban areas who are challenged by time off work, childcare, travel, and parking. Enhance the care you currently provide through video interactions which are safe and private, transmitted through a secure network. eVisits are billable through the OHIP claims system.

Connect your patients with the right specialist no matter where the patient is located, ensuring equal access to the best care and continuity of care.

Patients can connect to care through video when a physical exam and virtual care nursing support isn’t needed, eliminating the common barriers to accessing specialized care.

eVisits support professional collaboration by enabling video connections between peers, and continued learning and knowledge sharing through virtual grand rounds.

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eVisit is just one of the tools you have access to through OTNhub, a private and secure community that supports the delivery of virtual care. The OTN Directory helps you identify appropriate specialists for video referrals and eConsult can connect you with specialists who provide fast online advice, often eliminating the need to send patients for in-person appointments. Technical and model integration support is provided to help you successfully build these tools into your practice.

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