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Access specialists and sites accepting referrals by video, and find specialists offering online advice to primary care providers.

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Find the right specialists for your patients with detailed profiles and information, including catchment areas, wait times, and video referral criteria and instructions.

Connect with a specialist online for quick advice, in as little as two days, often eliminating the need to send patients for in-person specialist consults.

Find health care facilities closer to your patients that host patients for video interactions with providers, helping to avoid travel and wait times. Many sites offer virtual care nursing support if an in-person physical examination is needed.

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The OTNhub is a private and secure community that supports the delivery of virtual care. By becoming an OTN member, the Directory is just one of the tools to which you have access. OTN’s scheduling tool enables you to organize video appointments, while eConsult can connect you with specialists who provide fast online advice, often eliminating the need to send patients for in-person consults. OTN provides the technical and model integration support you need to successfully build these tools into your practice.

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