Virtual Palliative Care Options

Connecting patients to care at home when it matters most

Virtual Palliative Care Delivery: Content

Video Visits for patients with palliative care needs

Virtual care is a powerful tool to complement the care provided to those with palliative care needs. Direct-to-patient video and audio visits allow palliative care physicians to monitor patients from the comfort of their home, adjust treatment plans according to needs, and keep appropriate caregivers involved in the decision-making process. Below, we highlight some palliative care use cases.

To learn more about implementing Direct-to-Patient video visits (through OTNinvite), see our toolkit:

Direct-to-Patient Video Resources

Remote monitoring for palliative care needs

Remote Monitoring solutions can provide support to patients who prefer to receive in-home palliative care by connecting them with their health care team.

The goal is to enable patient-driven care by monitoring symptoms from home, increasing access to resources for patients and families, and improving efficiency by reducing travel requirements, including for acute care.

Virtual Palliative Care includes a platform with flexible protocols that provide real-time assessment of patient status, and pulls data from patients wherever they are through mobile digital devices.

Providers can be alerted when changes in the patient’s condition identify a need for a proactive change in care plan, thereby reducing the need for patients to seek care in acute settings.

To learn more about Remote Monitoring options for palliative care, see the Virtual Palliative Care Program