Virtual Care in Action

virtual events

More virtual care events took
place in Ontario last year than
ever before – 36% growth


More patients accessed virtual
care last year, with this number
growing every day


More patients are now receiving
care at home, or in the setting of
thier choosing

Virtual care is key to transforming health care, ensuring that everyone has easy access to the best possible care when and where they need it.

Virtual care is modernizing health care, providing options in care delivery such as videoconferencing, remote monitoring, apps and web-based solutions. Minimizing geographic, socio-demographic and cultural barriers, virtual care helps deliver easier, smarter and faster care while improving quality of life for patients.

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* Growth represents the number of patients who accessed care in the environment of their choosing, including patients who have registered for the eVisit Primary Care Pilot, patients who utilized a digital self-care solutions, and patients who participated in a virtual visit in 2018-2019.