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Improve workflow efficiencies, support efficient resource use, and enhance communication within the circle of care and with the patient with market-tested surgical transition solutions through OTN.

Virtual Surgical Transition Vendors: Content

Enhancing care and recovery by supporting surgical pathways

Virtual patient engagement solutions can support efficient and effective surgical pathways. To get patients back on their feet more quickly, hospitals need to standardize care before, during and after surgery, while maintaining the quality of care delivery. Surgical transition solutions can enable an improved patient experience through shortening hospital stays, reducing complications after surgery, and enhancing the patient experience.

The three vendors on the vendor of record (VoR) are SeamlessMD, Vivify Health, and InTouch Health. Benefits of leveraging these surgical transition tools include:

Value of virtual tools

Virtual solutions can help to improve the patient experience, decrease length of stay, reduce readmissions and decrease surgical cancellations.

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OTN has qualified the following three vendors who offer virtual care solutions that standardize surgical pathways and improve patient engagement before, during and after surgery.


Vivify Health

InTouch Health


SeamlessMD provides the leading platform for health systems to engage, monitor, and optimize patients for better outcomes. The platform is available to patients on their phone, tablet, or computer, and guides patients through their entire care pathway: before, during, and after hospitalization. The platform has three main functions:

  1. It sends reminders to keep patients on track with protocols. Reminders can be sent by text message, email, or in-app notification.
  2. It delivers interactive education to improve patient comprehension, including to-do lists and evidence-based education.
  3. It collects data from patients across the episode (such as protocol compliance, pain scores, wound photos etc.) and converts the data into insights so you can enhance care.

Vivify Health

Vivify Health hosts a mobile, cloud-based platform that powers holistic remote care management through personalized care plans, biometric data monitoring, multi-channel patient education, virtual visits/telemedicine, and functionality configured to each patient’s unique needs.

Through the OTN surgical transitions vendor of record, Vivify Health provides a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) pre- and post-surgical patient engagement solution on the same platform as the OTN Telehomecare solution.

Vivify is designed for patients to use their own mobile or desktop devices (BYOD) to easily self-navigate through care pathways, biometric measurements, and appropriate educational content most clinical conditions.

InTouch Health

InTouch Surgical is a technology platform that connects patients and clinicians continuously throughout the surgical journey. The platform fully integrates symptoms, safety and advanced clinical alert algorithms, improves outcomes and efficiency and increases patient satisfaction.

Benefits of Innovative Procurement

OTN uses a rigorous process to identify and qualify transformative virtual care solutions by evaluating clinical and business outcomes, privacy, security, and technical requirements.

An innovative procurement approach is applied to these provincial Vendor of Record arrangements, each of which has been supported by all 14 of Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks and the MOHLTC.

The result is the opportunity to acquire effective and scalable virtual care offerings that address a wide range of health care needs and priorities. Health care organizations can leverage a streamlined, efficient, cost-effective and compliant procurement process to easily acquire validated solutions at the best price through OTN’s status as a Broader Public Sector institution.

For more details about the innovative procurement and qualification process visit our Health Care Solution Provider space.

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