Qualified virtual care vendors

We partner with health care organizations and vendors to curate and qualify virtual care solutions that can be easily acquired by Ontario’s health care providers to support a patient-centred health care delivery.

Qualified Virtual Care Vendors: Content

The Innovative Procurement Process

Through a comprehensive and standardized approach with our partners, we validate clinical and business outcomes in addition to privacy, security and technical requirements.

We establish Vendor of Record arrangements for solutions to ensure efficient, cost effective and compliant procurement processes for providers and organizations.

Benefits of Working with OTN

As a Broader Public Sector organization, we have created Vendors of Record that can be accessed and used by all health care providers and organizations in Ontario, significantly reducing the cost of procurement and leveraging purchasing power to obtain “best pricing” for the entire province.

Vendors are able to easily access the broader Ontario market to scale solutions.

Scaling Programs in Ontario

Our extensive experience and knowledge in designing, developing, procuring and scaling virtual care solutions ensures the right virtual care solutions are curated for Ontario, available through the Innovation Centre.

How to Become Part of the Solution

Are you a vendor or developer and think you have a digital solution that might be of interest to OTN? Reach out to our Innovation Team to discover how you can partner with OTN.

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To learn more about these solutions or for any questions, please contact us.

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