Solutions for Health Care Organizations

Provide quality care with flexible options for patients and health care professionals, while also reducing wait times and emergency room visits with virtual care services, tools and solutions. We partner with health care organizations to make health care better for all Ontarians.

Virtual Care Organizations: Content

Virtual Care Services

Make care more accessible, convenient and equitable for patients, while also making care delivery more efficient.

Remote Care Management

Telehomecare is a Remote Care Management program which enables patients to receive care for chronic conditions at home, making care more convenient while reducing unnecessary hospital re-admissions. Available in 9 LHINS, Telehomecare is available at no cost to eligible patients.

New Models of Care & Virtual Care Tools

Partner virtual care solutions are available at cost to support specialized care delivery in the home, ensuring everyone has equitable access to quality care when and where they need it. These Vendor of Record solutions can be purchased via the Broader Public Sector agreement.

Mental Health

Virtual care offers quicker access to publicly funded care for patients with mental health conditions. A non-traditional care approach that compliments care delivery by health care providers and specialists, virtual care is free to everyone and contributes to better overall patient outcomes.

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

Virtual emergency care services increase access to specialized care for patients in remote communities, reducing the need for patient transfers, providing quicker access to care, and improving overall patient outcomes.

Other Solutions

We’re continually innovating to bring new solutions that benefit health care organizations, health care professionals and all Ontarians through strong partnerships with virtual care leaders across the province.